In this summer’s worship series, “Got Questions?”, we are addressing your spiritual questions about faith, religion, and creating a meaningful life. We hope you’ll join us!

July 2 – “Becoming a People of Grace” – on this 4th of July weekend, we take a look at what kind of people we become and look at one of your common questions, “How do we become people who have more grace in our lives?”

July 9 – “Is This a Christian Church?” Sure, our church comes from the Judeo-Christian family tree, but don’t we also find wisdom in many other sources? Are we a Christian church or something else?

July 16 – “What Is Holy?” – Why do ministers wear robes and stoles? Why come to church instead of praying at the lake? Is there something special about particular prayers, times, or places in our lives? These questions and more this Sunday.

July 23 – “Why Pray?” – For many people, “prayer,” means something different now from what we were taught as children. How do today's Unitarian Universalists understand and practice prayer?

July 30 – “Why Do I Feel Alone?” – So many of the questions we received related in some way to what it means to be alone and to make meaningful friendships. We’ll explore the spiritual side of solitude and relationships this Sunday.

August 6 – “Why Do Bad (and Good) Things Happen To People?” – It’s called the “problem of evil” in theological terms. Why do some people have so much, while others so little? Is life, or the universe, fair?

August 13 – “What Am I Supposed To Do With My Life?” – How do you know if you’re using your life well? Does a “calling” exist for every person? If so, how do we find it?