Fri, Apr 29, 2016
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Our goal in these pages is to provide you with useful information about our community so that you will have a clear picture of who we are and can determine for yourself whether we might be a fit for you, or someone you know.

We are part of a free faith tradition and as such no governing body determines how we practice our faith. This community's identity is uniquely its own and is a clear reflection of the aspirations, spirit and intention of our membership. We value diversity as a strength and the contribution of every individual as a vital gift by which we are all enriched. We are a welcoming community that Reverend Daniel Kanter, our Senior Minister, often describes as "genuinely inclusive, joyfully deep, rational and justice seeking." Visitors in Sunday services are often asked from the pulpit to take the time to get to know us, and determine for themselves if we "are who we say we are." We invite you to do the same, in the hope that you may one day choose to join us in reaching deeper to be the way.

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