Thu, Apr 28, 2016

First Sunday Donations

FIRST SUNDAY COLLECTION: As a way of partnering with others, First Unitarian Church of Dallas gives away it's total first-Sunday-of-the-month collection plate as a donation to another non-profit organization that does important work in the world reflecting the core values of our community. Since beginning in 2006, total donations of $588,339.27 have been made through July 2015!

First Sunday recipients are nominated by members of First Church, many of whom are directly involved with the organizations they recommend. The nomination form is available HEREApplication deadlines are April 1 (for July-December collections) and October 1 (for January-June collections).

Nominations received by the church are reviewed, and recipients are selected, by the First Sunday Committee. Current First Sunday Committe members are as follows: Andrea Chaney (Chair & Liaison Officer), Jane Ramberg, Michael Heinlen, Steven Dennis, Clinton SwingleFlannery Currin and Patty Jantho. Committee guidelines are posted HERE Questions, comments, and nomination forms can be sent to

First Sunday Collections - 2015
January CitySquare - Food on the Move $6,532.65

Literacy Instruction for Texas (LIFT)

March Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity $8,802.00
April Dallas Area Interfaith (DAI) $5,203.00
May Thanks-Giving Square $3,008.62
June  Dallas Children's Advocacy Center $3,841.73
July NTARuPT   

Family Gateway


Planned Parenthood

October North Texas Food Bank    
November North Dallas Shared Ministries
December Jericho Road  
  First Sunday Collections - 2014
January Housing Crisis Center $5,649.49
February Human Rights Initiative of North Texas $4,022.49
March Dallas Area Interfaith $4,157.74
April UUA Join the Move/Social Justice training $5,393.32
May Texas Conservation Alliance $2,994.00
June City Square $3,767.00
July Dallas Children's Theater $3,129.40
August Deaf Action Center $2,791.63
September  SkillQUEST, Inc. $6,177.01
October  Dallas High Risk Victims Task Force  $3,243.83
November  North Dallas Shared Ministries  $20,206.41
December Friends of Wednesday's Child  $3,597.08

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