Thu, May 05, 2016

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Children and youth ask questions that echo those of the world's greatest theologians and philosophers: "Is it okay for me to be happy when others are not?", "How do I live a life that is good?", "What happens after I die?" These questions and many more are raised in our classrooms each week.

Our mission is to provide our children and youth with a framework within which to seek answers to those questions. And yet, ours is a faith without creed and without dogma. Instead of providing answers, we strive to provide tools and resources to help equip them to seek their own answers. We want to help them learn how to think, not tell them what to think.


Our Goals - Children, teens and adults will:
Child with sign
Experience a sense of the sacred through
ceremonies and rituals,
rites of passage,
prayers and meditation,
stories, nature and music



Develop an understanding of our religious heritage including
our Christian heritage,
our Jewish heritage,
and the evolution of Unitarian Universalism



Learn what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist by
hearing and telling stories of our religious heritage
participating in the activities of our church
studying significant individuals in our heritage



Clarify personal religious values through
learning what values Unitarian Universalists hold
identifying what values others hold
determining what is important personally
reconciling conflict of values



Express religious convictions through action by
demonstrating respect for people from other religious groups
speaking out about moral and social issues
showing humility and tolerance
defining boundaries for ourselves and others
acting compassionately, individually and as a congregation

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