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The heart of teaching in our religious education programs is relational ministry. Children may not remember the specific lessons taught each Sunday but they will certainly remember how those who teach them treat them. Relational ministryBTW_SheFindsVoice is possible when adults have ample time to get to know the children and when they are willing to open their hearts so that the children may get to know them as well.

Caring volunteer teachers introduce our young Unitarian Universalists to the stories, ideas and principles of our liberal religious tradition. It is thanks to those who teach that children and youth find an environment in which to freely explore all facets of liberal religion and clarify the personal values that will guide and support them as they become caring and compassionate adults.

We ask for a commitment of either nine months from September through May, or three months from June through August. When there’s only an hour and fifteen minutes once a week in which to impart wisdom, find the sacred, and build community, this commitment is what is required to provide our children and teens with programs in which they can truly grow in spirit. Our children and teens deserve no less. Teaching isn’t easy, it requires some preparation, patience, and an open mind and heart. That’s what we ask of you.

What we promise in return is to work hard to make teaching as easy as possible by:

  • placing you on a team of three teachers who rotate leading class, assisting the lead teacher and taking a Sunday off. On average, you will have every third Sunday off. Using this rotation, the workload is evenly distributed,
  • equipping you with the best curriculum we can find,
  • offering beginning of the session training and continuing support,
  • providing all of the materials and supplies you will need each week. When you walk into the classroom, they will be ready for you,
  • empowering you to take ownership of the lesson, changing the activities as you see fit so that you and the children will enjoy them,
  • celebrating your ministry at a special dinner held in your honor, andoffering you our deep gratitude for the crucial work you do; work that changes lives.

In the end, with Sundays off surrounding the holidays, from September through May, teaching will require that you be in the classroom for one hour and fifteen minutes for approximately 29 days over nine months. Add in preparation time and it’s a commitment of 60 to 70 hours. Teaching during the summer works the same way although the time commitment is considerably less.

Children and teens deserve a safe environment in which to learn and grow. For this reason we require that all adults with responsibility for the direct supervision of children or teens consent to, and pass, a criminal background check.

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