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Tue, Dec 01, 2015
DECEMBER Minister's Message


If you wake up early these days, you see the dark sky turning brighter only after a cup of coffee and a few thoughts on the day. When I lived in Vermont and the winter hit, we would be at work before the sun came up and home long after the sun went down because of the short day.
It has been said many times in our church that we have celebrations at this time of year about light because of the dark skies above. By early November, Christmas lights were going up, reminding us that winter comes. Whether we have severe ice storms or spring-like temperatures in Texas, for me the darkness always seeps in and I crave the sun’s attention, if not for any other reason than to remind myself that the sun is there.
Christmas does the same kind of thing for me.  It reminds me that there is always hope in the world when the world looks ugly and violent, and that within me there is an ever untapped well of love I can access when I don’t think I can find it. Last month the attacks in Paris reminded us all that the world is fragile, but also resilient. We mourned the deaths but also the possibility that our world is and will be embattled again. And we took note of those who joined forces to help us not give up and close up the shutters and our hearts on humanity. The Christmas story says this so many times and reminds us, as an Apache blessing I read once said, that we must know that even when we don’t see it, the sun shines. So, too, does the love of God, the blessings of life, and the generosity of us all make a difference.
May you be blessed this season with a love you can feel, a hope you can know, and the warmth of light that shines in the dark. I hope to see you in church this season.
In faith,


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