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Thu, Sep 03, 2015
SEPTEMBER Minister's Message



From Rev. Dr. Daniel Chesney Kanter

This month we kick off our exploration of what it means to live “The Generous Life.” We have built the year around nine notions about what generosity has to teach us as spiritual people. Those notions are Giving and Receiving, the gift of time, the gift of mentors, the gift of presence, the gift of forgiveness, the gift of kindness, the gift of grace, the gift of friendship, and the gift of God’s grace. As we explore each of these threads, we hope to weave a tapestry of how generosity changes our lives and the lives of others. We will experiment with storytelling and generous acts which lead us to a deeper engagement with the spirit of generosity. And we will point to a spiritual value that grows with attention and intention. As we did last year, a story will be the center of the month’s focus, and the exploration of the meaning of each story will echo out from worship to children’s and youth ministry, to circles, Adult discussion groups, kitchen table conversations, and beyond. 

In addition, this month we have a special opportunity to exercise the important congregational right of ordination. On September 19, at 4 p.m. in our Sanctuary, we will ordain into the ministry one of our own, Lyssa Jenkens, who was Board chair when I arrived in Dallas fourteen years ago. Lyssa has completed her studies in divinity school and is launching into an entrepreneurial ministry to help congregations address systemic change. Her ordination will bring to town numerous special guests including Minister Emerita, Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman, who I have invited to preach in church on Sunday morning, September 20. Laurel has been retired from ministry since leaving Dallas in 2009, and we are excited to have her with us again. I hope you will attend both events! 

There are many bad quotes about generosity, so I will refrain from ending this column with one. I want to just say, generosity and its spirit is what lasts in life. I hope we will know it better at the end of this theme year.

I hope to see you in church,




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