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Sun, Aug 02, 2015
AUGUST Minister's Message from Beth Dana



Dear Friends,

I hope you have found opportunities to rest and recharge this summer – whether in the form of extended vacation or moments of peace here and there. With the temperatures topping 100 degrees, it’s hard to move quite as fast as you might at other times of year. Summer is a time to recharge, including recharging your faith and your being (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

I hope you’ve been able to attend sessions of Spiritual Practice in the Hallman Building, or worship services in our summer series on “Faith and Being.” Both of these offer chances to recharge and reconnect with what is most important. The worship series has aligned surprisingly well with what’s going on in our world this summer. We explored revenge and forgiveness after the tragic shooting at an AME church in Charleston, SC. We heard about civility, history and hope on the July 4th weekend, putting the recent SCOTUS decision on marriage equality in the context of our history and celebrating its hope and promise. And we explored what it means to have hope, and to rebel against the tide of cynicism in our society when faced with so many challenges and injustices. Maybe this series has helped you reflect on your own soul, and how you live as a person of Unitarian Universalist faith. I would love to hear what this has meant for you.

As we go into the final days of summer and look toward fall, and as the energy picks up again (if it ever slowed down), may you enter this time renewed, and ready to engage with this community. It’s going to be an exciting year in the life of our church – a new theme year on the Spirit of Generosity, Visioning Days which Board President Sherri Cook talks about in her DU letter this month, and so much more! I look forward to seeing you around church.





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