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Wed, Mar 04, 2015

March Minister's Message



From Beth Dana, Minister of Spiritual Life & Community Involvement
“What are you giving up for Lent?” This is a common question at this time of year, even among people who don’t feel much connection otherwise to the season of Lent in the Christian tradition. Sometimes Lenten spiritual practices involve giving up something that hinders your relationship with yourself, with others, or with God. For example, I know people who are giving up sugar or Facebook for the month. Others approach Lent as a time to take on a new practice, such as right speech or a photo-a-day practice to connect with the beauty and grace of the world. 
This year as a church we’re exploring the hindrances – sometimes framed as the Seven Deadly Sins. We call them the Seven Lively Sins because they are part of living as a human being in our world. Lent is a reflective season that gives us an opportunity to dig into those parts of ourselves we don’t usually dig into, but which may be sources for spiritual growth. When we confront them and get intentional about how we respond to them, it can be enlivening.
I’ve heard from many in the church that you are looking for meaningful ways to observe Lent. So in addition to a worship series on the Seven Lively Sins, we’re offering a Lenten spiritual practice for you and your families. Check it out online HERE. It’s a reflective practice and ritual of letting go of things that aren’t working for us, and embracing virtues that enrich our lives. By doing it with others, we can support each other in our practice. I would love to hear how you and your families are using this practice!
There’s so much going on at church this month. I hope you’ll join us in these exciting activities, while also finding time for reflection and spiritual practice in your daily life. I look forward to seeing you around church.
In faith,

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