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Mon, Jul 06, 2015
DanielKanterJULY Minister's Message from Daniel Kanter
By the time you read this we will have either entered a new world that feels to me more just and right, a way toward freedom for all. Of course I am talking about the same-gender marriage decision at the Supreme Court in favor of legal marriage for all. I have been involved in this issue for about ten years, when 10 or 15 people would show up on cold Valentine’s Days at the court house to witness a "marriage," then march into the County Clerk to ask for a license. We were always told, "We are sorry, we can’t do that." I am amazed that the day has come that we can walk in to a Texas County Clerk and they will say, "Sure, here you go!,"  
Our celebration will not just be for the happy couples who can finally feel more secure and endowed with the rights that others have had for a long time, but we can all rejoice that our country can live up to its ideals of "justice for all" and "the pursuit of happiness" for all! This decision doesn’t solve all our problems, and I know there will still be work to be done as bias and the potential of extreme reactions will knock us down from time to time. As I have been saying on many topics we are confronting in America, we must not be pulled to the edges of extremism either for things we support or reject because we must be united. When someone stands up and publicly says something ugly about the LGBTQ community following this decision, the tendency will be to react strongly. But let’s remember what our mothers taught us about playground bullies: "That is what they want!". Let’s celebrate and promote that we are standing on the side of love, that we as a church are handing out "We Want to Marry You" cards outside the County Clerk’s office, and that love prevails. Let’s promote reactions which are thoughtful, help freedom reign, and garner civility wherever we go.
In Faith,

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