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Sat, Oct 10, 2015
SEPTEMBER Minister's Message


When we knew that our theme year in the church would be The Generous Life, we asked people in the congregation to reflect on what “generous spirits” have made an impact on them. The answers we got were almost all stories of people—flesh and blood human beings who showed up with resources, grace, kindness, and attention. They started with phrases like, “My good friend,” “A teacher once,” or “My mother always used to.”
I was a little surprised at how concrete the answers mostly were, and I guess I shouldn’t have been. Caring, generous human relationships are one of the primary ways that I have experienced God, at least as I understand it. When I’ve been grieving a loss in my life, people next to me in church pews and kitchen chairs have been evidence that I’m not alone. My wife and son have taught me so much about love and care. When the expectations of ministry have seemed greater than I could accomplish, the encouragement and support of good friends and colleagues has made all the difference. I’ve learned much about grace, kindness, mentoring, and giving from watching what members of this church do day in and day out—far too many to name.
We will enter the time of our annual canvass soon here at church. It’s the literal giving of money as commitment that makes the place possible. It’s all what we raise right here, nothing from outside organizations. Like the stories of generosity and my own experience, the work of the church usually ends up being incredibly concrete. It is your generosity at work every time a child in our classrooms learns to embrace diversity and embrace curiosity as a value. Every time someone is visited in a hospital room, each time we join in public work for justice, each time we experience beauty in worship services, join people in marriage, honor a life in a memorial, or serve someone food, somebody’s generosity made it happen.
Please plan to join us on Connection Sunday, October 11, when we’ll come together to celebrate this generous church community!
In faith,


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