Sat, Apr 30, 2016

Entering into Community

Signing the Membership Book, getting involved and how to become a member or find out more about membership.

When you decide to join this church it will be a big moment for you, and for us. 

We have a responsibility to see that you are made welcome and that you find a place in our midst where you can make friends and continue your spiritual journey. 

In return, we ask that you make an effort to become involved in the church in ways that are meaningful for you. We ask three things: 1) that you find a small group here that feeds your soul, 2) that you join in the work of a committee of your choosing (many hands make quick work), and 3) that you support the church financially as you are able with your financial gifts. 

When you are ready to join, you may contact a member of the Membership Committee, stop by the visitor table at coffee hour, or remain after worship service on one of our frequent “Membership Sundays.”

The suggested membership process is this: 

  • Attend an orientation series class for newcomers called Roots. It's not mandatory but strongly recommended.
  • Meet with a minister for a brief discussion about the church, what you'd like from it, and where you might fit in.
  • Sign the membership book. By signing this book, you are declaring yourself a part of our community.
  • Participate in a New Member Ceremony where you will be officially welcomed into the church and introduced, along with other new members. 
  • Make a financial pledge in support of the church. This is required for a member with full voting privileges. is one who has made a financial contribution of record. You will be asked to make a financial pledge in support of the church.  We do not require a specific amount, so you may decide what you’re comfortable giving. We ask that members considersuggest working toward a goal of 3 to 5 percent of income. Please know that you are welcome whatever you can give.

Please inquire at the Information Desk on Sundays for further information, or call the church office at 214-528-3990. 

Note: Becoming a member is not absolutely required to be part of our community, but we encourage it. Remember that only members can may vote in congregational elections. And only members are counted by the denomination in its annual survey. The more actual members we have, the more influence we can have as a liberal religious body in our own community and in the world. 

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