Sat, Apr 30, 2016


Social Justice

“Grounded in Unitarian Universalist principles that affirm the worth, dignity and human rights of every person, and the interdependence of all life, the Social Action Council is an autonomous, non-partisan volunteer organization that educates and motivates the members of First Unitarian Church of Dallas to take action for social justice.” - Social Action Council By Laws


How to participate in Social Action

1. Attend Issues Forums

These are usually held from 10-11am on the 2nd Sunday of each month in room 301. Forums feature prominent speakers and lively discussion.

2. Join a Justice Team

Most of our work is done by the teams outlined below. Contact the team leaders to learn more about the groups you are interested in.

3. Become a Member

More information is available Sunday's at our table in Channing Hall. 


Peace and Justice

Climate Action Team



Compassionate Action

Democracy and Voting

International Outreach












Peace and Non-violence.

Works with the Dallas Peace Center.

Organizes forums and other events to increase our understanding of peace at all levels.

Information:  Provides opportunities for members to take constructive action on climate change.  Actions include learning, education and advocacy.  The Climate Action Team is organized within the Social Action Council and partners with other organizations that are committed to addressing this issue.

Education, Health Care, Immigration, Public Safety,

Workforce Development.

Works closely with Dallas Area Interfaith to partner with other churches and civic leaders to advocate effectively for change.

Promote compassionate action within and without.

Cultivate compassion through education and events.

Inspire First Unitarian members and friends to seek involvement in activities that demonstrate our UU Principles.

Voter registration, education, turnout

Conducts voter registration drives in under-represented areas of Dallas to encourage participation in democracy.

Support UU United Nations Office activities through local Envoys.

Increase local awareness of UU congregations worldwide.

Pursue ways of introducing UU UNO activities within the Religious Education Program.


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