Thu, May 05, 2016

New to UU?

How to connect, social action, coffee hour and more... 

ParlorMapThe first stop for any newcomer or visitor on Sunday morning should be The ParlorCoffee, introductions and information are available before and after both the 10 o’clock and 11:30 worship services.

At 11:30 each week our Inquirers Series invites anyone who wants to know more about First Church and Unitarian Universalist faith and practice. This is an 8-week cycle of conversations designed to help newcomers and veteran members alike to get oriented. Drop in anytime, you don’t need reservations.

Sign up for an Adult Religious Education program. Check out the web-site or stop by the Welcome Center in Channing Hall to get information about what's currently being offered. Good possibilities are the Inquirers Series and any of the Sunday morning Adult Religious Education programs. Adult RE programs and classes offer an opportunity to expand your mind and spirit while getting to know the church and its community more deeply. A great place to start is the Inquirers Series at 11:30 every Sunday morning in The Parlor or a Roots class during the week, offered quarterly.

Here are some other suggestions for learning more about our First Unitarian Church of Dallas community, and how to become more connected.

Check out upcoming events (especially social events where you can mingle and meet other members) on the church web site and on the church calendar.

Stay informed. Get on the e-mail list to receive monthly newsletter notices for the DU (Dallas Unitarian) Digest, as well as our weekly Friday Reminder.  This will keep you up-to-date on this vibrant community's many offerings.

Strike up conversations at coffee hourMost people at First Unitarian Church of Dallas enjoy having others come up to them, introduce themselves, and start a conversation. We like meeting and talking with newcomers, so don’t be shy about introducing yourself. It's one of the best ways to become familiar with the church and its members. You might also want to volunteer to be a greeter with the Membership committee at It would then be your "job" to welcome people as they arrive and strike up conversations with them. This is a great opportunity to say hello and meet new people. 

Check out the various interest groups. Groups meet regularly for fellowship and fun. It's an opportunity to meet people, with similar interests. If you have young children, check out the UU Playtime group that gives you time out and your children fun activities HERE.

Get involved with youth programs. You can volunteer as a classroom Religious Education classroom helper on Sunday mornings. You may then want to become a teacher, part of the team that interprets and brings to life professional curricula for our youth. Get in touch with Karen Lewis, Director of Religious Education for Children, and let her know your interests.

Get involved with Social Justice work. Volunteer on a social justice project, attend a committee meeting, and express your thoughts on what needs to be done, or stop by the Social Action table in Channing Hall during coffee hour. Help with an ongoing project or spearhead one of your own. There are many ways to get involved. Activities could be as simple as providing goodies for, or setting up and staffing the table at coffee hour, or as involved as organizing community outreach activities. Click HERE for more information.

Volunteer to serve on a committee. Committee chairs are listed on our website. Find a committee or two on which you might be interested in serving. Then contact the committee chair, chat with them about what their committee does, ask if they could use new members, and find out when they meet. Attending a meeting does not commit you. Feel free to decline any responsibilities at first, and -  if the group isn't your cup of tea, try another. Volunteer only for those things that you feel good about. Do what your heart and conscience are comfortable with. Remember, at First Unitarian Church of Dallas you can always say "no" to invitations. 


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