Fri, May 06, 2016

1899 - First Unitarian Church of Dallas Founded

On May 12 , 1899, at the invitation of Rabbi Dr. George Alexander Kohut, Mr. Daniel Christian Limbaugh gave a talk on the Unitarian religion at Temple Emanu-El.

1899 Congregation
On December 3, 1899, after several months of preliminary work, the First Unitarian Church of Dallas was formally organized with thirty-two members. Little could they have imagined that in 100 years the church would grow to over 750 members, and would remain a haven of hope for those "at sea without a chart or compass" for their religious natures. By 1903 the church had a building, had established a Women's Alliance Group, adopted a constitution and by-laws, rented an organ and bought hymnbooks. The object of the church, said the constitution, was to "maintain regular services of Christian worship. . . and to upbuild in the hearts of its people the high ideals of a rational, progressive, and exalting religion in the love of God and the service of man."He said, in part, "The time has come in the history of Dallas when a broad and liberal Christianity should be declared here. Many souls are hungering and thirsting for religious knowledge, truth, and righteousness. To them the old dogmas, doctrines, and creeds appear outgrown. These persons are at sea without a chart or compass, and many are making shipwrecks of their religious natures. The old creeds seem to them unworthy of the character of God, the nature of man, and the highest conception of human duty and destiny. . . We need a liberal platform which does no violence to religion but which, while perfectly rational, is at the same time expressive of the highest conception of a life of spirituality." 
Daniel Limbaugh was invited back several more times to the Temple to speak and during that summer became acquainted with several people who were interested in forming a new church.

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