Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Introduction/Inquirers/New Members

Inquirers Series – is an on-going Sunday morning series designed to answer your questions about First Unitarian Church of Dallas and to give you an introduction to Unitarian Universalist faith, history and practice. The cycle of 8 sessions repeats itself so you can drop in at any time and experience the entire series or pick up classes you’ve missed when they come around the next time.

Every Sunday morning at 11:30 in the Parlor.  Click HERE for more information.
Roots – this one evening introduction to Unitarian Universalist history and practice is offered quarterly on weeknights. Anyone interested in learning more about our church and its roots are cordially invited to join us.

Click HERE to register for the next Roots Class.

Philosophy, History, & World Religions

Christian Theology & History – once or twice a year we offer a course on Christian history or an exploration of some aspect of Christian theology. We rely primarily on the work of liberal Christian theologians and scholars who concentrate on elements of Christian faith that are applicable to the 21st Century.

World Religions & History – every year we include a class or two focused on other religious traditions, their history, philosophies, and impact on the world.

Philosophy – programs exploring classical, historical, and emerging philosophies of human development and social interaction.

See our current program offerings HERE.



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History & Culture | Program Descriptions | Programs

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