Sun, May 01, 2016

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The Adult Religious Education Program is designed to foster the enrichment of our spiritual and intellectual lives and to strengthen our sense of community.



See our current program offerings HERE.

Faculty members, in collaboration with the ministers and the Director of Adult Religious Education, assist in developing programs that address the congregation’s needs. Primary areas of focus are: Religion, Philosophy and Cultural History; Spiritual Development; and Life Skills and Personal Growth. Programs are offered at a variety of times and in varying formats. Participation is open to our members, friends,and to the public. Whether you choose a Sunday morning class, a weekday ‘mini-series’ or a weekend retreat, we think you will discover enjoyment, richness and personal growth.

If you are interested in knowing more about our church, Unitarian Universalism, and the free-church tradition, we would love to have you join us for Roots, a very brief introduction to Unitarian Universalist ideas and history. Please send me your name, a phone number, and email address and we will register you in the next Roots class. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to call the church at 214.528.3990, or email

Find our next scheduled Roots class HERE.       New class proposal/application HERE.


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