Sat, Apr 30, 2016




Religious Education programs for all ages providing classes, discussion groups, activities and more, throughout the year.



Experience a sense of the sacred through
• ceremonies and rituals
• prayers and meditation
• stories,nature and music

Learn what it means to be a UU by
• hearing and telling stories of our religious heritage
• participating in the activities of our church
• participating in denominational affairs
• studying significant individuals in our heritage
Develop an understanding of our religious heritage including
• our Christian heritage
• our Jewish heritage
• the evolution of Unitarian Universalism

Explore the religious traditions of others including
• other congregations in the community
• the principles of major world religions
• the personal odysseys of other Unitarian Universalists

Clarify personal religious values through
• studying Unitarian Universalist purposes and principles
• learning what values Unitarian Universalists hold
• identifying what values others hold
• determining what is important personally
• reconciling conflict of values
• accepting ambiguity and paradox

Express religious convictions through action by
• investing time and resources in our church
• demonstrating respect for people from other religious groups
• speaking out about moral and social issues
• showing humility and tolerance
• defining boundaries for ourselves and others
• acting compassionately,individually,and as a congregation
• participating in service projects.



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