Mon, May 02, 2016


YES4862012 - 13 will be a Year of Engagement and Service for our members and friends!

Our UU faith calls on us to put our ideals into action to make a positive difference in our own lives and the lives of others. “YES!” offers something for everyone, whether you are a family with young children or an elder among us. This is a great opportunity to deepen your spiritual life, learn new things, and serve our community in effective ways.

Joining one of our three tracks will give you an opportunity to focus your efforts this year and to meet people in a smaller subset of our large church. Once you've signed up, you are still welcome to attend any event, regardless of which track it may fall under.

The three tracks are:

“Who are our neighbors? How can we be better neighbors?” The neighborhood track explores these questions, focusing on 3 types of neighbors: our neighbors in the pews, the faith communities around us, and our neighbor next door. Our goal is to deepen our spiritual practice by connecting with and serving the neighbors around us while having fun along the way! Check out our flyer HERE. Sign up at
We seek to learn about others in our community and what they need most by working with our educational community through REAL School Gardens; working with those lacking basic food, shelter, and clothing through The Bridge and North Dallas Shared Ministries; and working with institutions providing fresh, healthy food through North Texas Food Bank, Community Gardens and others. Through our work and study we seek to grow in harmony with the divine as we grow as a community. Check out our flyer HERE. Sign up at
“How can one person have an impact on global issues?” The phrase “Local action/global impact” led us to three areas to explore: Religious and cultural diversity, immigration, and economic justice. How can we exemplify and work toward the 6th UU Principle: The goal of world community, with peace, liberty and justice for all? We intend to demonstrate that One person always makes a difference! Check out our flyer HERE. Sign up at


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