Tue, Jul 28, 2015

Upcoming Services

JULY 5:  Rev. Dr. Daniel Kanter  “Civility, History, and Hope”
MUSIC: Natalie and Nick Earl
JULY 12:  Rev. Dr. Daniel Kanter  “Art of Noticing then Creating”
MUSIC: Jazz Combo
JULY 19:  Beth Dana  “The Inner Life of Rebellion” – In the face of all the injustice and tragedy you see, do you ever feel overwhelmed by the charge to “save the world”? This week we reflect on helplessness and hope, and the creative potential in each one of us. 
MUSIC: Soprano Debra Morrison
JULY 26:  Rev. Aaron White  “In Harmony with the Divine” – Our inspiration this week comes from a Jesuit. They are challenged to “Find God in all things.” We’ll explore from a UU perspective the words we say each week, that we gather to the “end that all souls shall grow in harmony with the Divine.”
MUSIC: Alan Dyer, piano

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