Sun, May 01, 2016
10th - 12th graders | Youth Programs | Children and Youth

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Youth Group for 10th through 12th Graders

Young Religious Unitarian Universalists – YRUU, 11:15 a.m – 12:45 p.m. in room 212

YRUU class is based on the 6 components of balanced youth programming: worship, fellowship, social action/community service, intellectual growth, strong youth-adult relationships, and leadership development. Elements of these “Pillars of YRUU” are present in Sunday classes and special events.

The group is led by a Youth-Adult Committee comprised of elected youth representatives and adult Youth Advisors. The Sunday class is structured to include youth-led worship or meditation and discussion along with rotating activities, including guest speakers, games and special projects. In the course of the year, youth will also participate in planning sessions for our Opening Lock-in, the annual Coffeehouse fundraiser and Youth Sunday.

Youth are given freedom to voice their opinions and help direct the focus of content. Advisors are given the responsibility to facilitate the effective management of the group and method of presentation of content to ensure that it is accessible and enriching for all youth. The Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries has oversight of the curriculum and practices used in the YRUU class.

Every June, the youth of YRUU put their values to work on the annual Service Trip. During the year, the youth and parents of YRUU participate in a number of fundraising activities to help fund the trip and the programs of the youth department.

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