Sat, Apr 30, 2016

9th graders | Youth Programs | Children and Youth

Class For 9th Graders - Coming of Age (COA) 

11:30 a.m. ONLY

Crossing the bridge from childhood to young adulthood is a milestone worthy of our attention as a faith-community. During this important year, youth are provided opportunities to explore their maturing religious identity as they learn more about the history of our faith, begin to clarify their personal religious positions, and are invited to join the Church.

Teens are requested to covenant to attend regularly and to complete several manageable assignments appropriate for this program. These important elements prepare them for their rite-of-passage celebrated in the spring when the year culminates in a ceremony of congregational recognition of their Coming of Age. At this time, the youth will be offered all of the opportunities, rights and responsibilities in the church that adults enjoy.

Participants will also enjoy a Heritage Trip in the early summer. Parents and students are asked to attend special meetings regarding orientation, fundraising and planning throughout the year. Questions?  Click HERE

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