Adult Classes

Future Humans

Future Humans: Inside the Science of Our Continuing Evolution By Scott Solomon Sundays 10:00 am in Room 305 In this intriguing book, evolutionary biologist Scott Solomon draws on the explosion of discoveries in recent years to examine the future evolution of our species. Combining knowledge of our past with current trends, Solomon offers convincing evidence … Continued

UU Theology

Sundays at 10:00am Room 301 April 2 – May 7* *No meeting April 16 for Easter Facilitated by Lyssa Jenkens and Mike Stanton UU Theology is a 5-session introduction to theological concepts through a Unitarian Universalist lens. Each session addresses the question: What does our Unitarian Universalist tradition teach about this theological concept, and how … Continued

Figures of Modernism with John Mears

Sundays at 10:00am Raible Chapel Six sessions April 9 – May 21* *no class on April 16 for Easter Sunday During the fifty years prior to World War One, European artists and intellectuals who have been called “the first moderns” were pioneering a fundamental transformation in outlook and values that helped to set the dominant … Continued

Judeo Christian Studies: The History of Christianity in the Reformation Era

Sundays at 9:00am in Room 301 Begins March 12, 2017 Video lecture series Featuring Professor Brad S. Gregory with facilitated discussion led by Jose Alves We are the cultural descendants of the Reformation era, says Professor Brad S. Gregory in these 36 lectures on one of the most tumultuous and consequential periods in all of … Continued

Virtue Ethics (Young Adults 20s and 30s)

Begins February 5 Six Sessions through March 12 Sunday Mornings at 11:30 a.m. in Room 302   The virtues presented in this program provide a gateway into ethical decision making and character development. We hope participants can use these virtues throughout their lives. Facilitated by members of the Young Adult Leadership League.

Why Liberals Win

Why Liberals Win the Culture Wars (Even When They Lose Elections) By Stephen Prothero Sundays 10:00 am in Room 305   In this timely, carefully reasoned social history of the United States, the author places today’s heated culture wars within the context of a centuries-long struggle of right versus left and religious versus secular to … Continued

Spiritual Practice Jan 2017

  Spiritual Practice A 12 session series to follow our Beyond Inquirers class as part of our adult faith development path. Sundays 10:00am in Room 301 January 8 – March 26 2017 Facilitated by Beth Cunningham and Mike Stanton This course offering helps participants develop regular disciplines, or practices, of the spirit—practices that help us … Continued

Quarterly Roots Class

… a very brief introduction to Unitarian Universalist ideas and history. Recommended for inquirers, this one evening introduction to Unitarian Universalist history and practice is offered quarterly on weeknights. Anyone interested in learning more about our church and its roots are cordially invited to join us Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 7pm in Hallman room … Continued

Inquirers Class

  The Inquirers Series meets at 11:30 on Sunday mornings in the Parlor. It is a rotation of 8 conversations about our church and Unitarian Universalist history and practices. The series is designed for visitors and newcomers who are looking for a general introduction, and yet the sessions are also appealing to veteran members who want … Continued

After the New Testament

Video Lectures with Professor Bart Ehrman and Discussion led by Jose Alves Who exactly were the Apostolic Fathers? Why were they given that name? Most important, what windows into the shaping of Christianity’s canon, church hierarchy, and creed are opened for us with an understanding of works that include the letters of 1 Clement or … Continued