If you feel like First Unitarian Church of Dallas is your spiritual home, and you would like to become a member of this vibrant community, we welcome you to join us!

When you become a member of this church, you make a decision to participate in being part of beloved community at a deeper level. Membership entitles you to vote, to have a voice in the direction of the church, and to be a leader. It is the members who create church


Expectations of Membership

  • Grow your faith and deepen your spiritual life. A rich and full spiritual life includes daily practice, weekly worship, monthly service, an annual retreat, and once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage. Rather than a checklist, this is an ongoing process we hope our members will engage to deepen their spiritual lives. Participating in the Faith Forward path, and joining one of our small groups, are great ways to do this.
  • Engage in service and justice work. In our Affirmation, we say “service is our prayer.” Joining with others to improve the lives of people in our communities, our city, and beyond is one of the ways we live our faith. Stop by the Social Action and Community Service tables in Channing Hall on Sunday, or attend the Social Action & Community Service session of the Inquirers Series to learn about current opportunities.
  • Support the church financially with a pledge. Members’ financial generosity to the church is what makes our church possible. Our annual budget is based on pledges. We encourage members to tithe – pledging 5% of their income to the church, and 5% to other causes of their choice. We do not require a specific amount to join, but encourage you to give as generously as you are able.


The Membership Process

Becoming a member is a path of discernment and commitment for each individual. The following is the process for becoming a member of First Church.

  • Attend the Inquirers Series – A series of eight sessions offered every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. in the Parlor. Each week presents an important aspect of First Church and Unitarian Universalism. Attending all eight provides a strong foundation for making a decision about membership, though it is not a requirement for membership.
  • Complete a Membership Enrollment Kit to indicate your intent to join. Pick one up in the Parlor or at the Welcome Center in Channing Hall, and return them to the Parlor or to Sharon Thompson at the church office.
  • Make a financial pledge in support of the church. A pledge form is included in the Membership Enrollment Kit, or you can pick one up at the church office, the Parlor, or the Welcome Center in Channing Hall. In your first year of membership, your pledge is for the remainder of that year. Thereafter, you will participate in our annual canvass held each October, making your commitment for the following year.
  • Participate in a New Member Gathering where you will meet with a minister, staff, and others joining. In this small group setting, we will get to know one another better and share hopes and expectations of membership.
  • Attend a New Member Joining Ceremony on Sunday during worship. This is where you will sign the book of names alongside others who have joined this church since 1899, and become official!


For more information, contact Sharon Thompson, Director of Membership & Hospitality, at 214-884-1230 or sthompson@dallasuu.org.