By Your Side Singers offers the gift of song, to bring people ease and comfort through music during times of illness.

A calm and focused presence at the bedside, with gentle voices, simple songs, and sincere kindness, can be soothing and reassuring for clients, families, and caregivers.

Our singers go in small groups to visit people where they are–in their homes, or in hospice, hospital, rehabilitation, memory care, and other settings.

Our songs are simple and brief, chosen to offer soothing comfort. Most of the songs are not religiously oriented; our singing provides encouragement whether someone is religious or not.

We view our singing as a presence and a gentle blessing, not entertainment.

Singers@bedsideOur group began in October 2015 in conjunction with the pastoral care services at First Unitarian Church of Dallas.

We are modeled after Threshold Choirs, an organization of a cappella groups “singing gently at the thresholds of life in over 150 communities around the world” ( To reflect our intention to serve people in other situations too, as well as those in hospice care, we chose “By Your Side Singers” as our group’s name.

Coordinator: Laura Weinbrom
Music Director: Mary Lee Kilgore
Donations may be made to Threshold Choirs, or to By Your Side Singers, First Unitarian Church of Dallas

To request a visit…

We visit by invitation. Requests from members and friends of our church and others are welcome.

The service is our gift; there is no charge.

If you would like to request singers for a loved one, please contact us at

To sing with us…

By Your Side Singers welcomes new members who can carry a tune and can learn to sing in parts and rounds as we blend our voices in harmony. While some singers are members of our church, others are also very welcome.


To find out more, please contact us at

“John and I really enjoyed your singing in our home. The music lifted our spirits, especially during these difficult days.” – A family member

“The human voice that sang calming lullabies to us in childhood is also the perfect tool to aid adults making important life transitions. By Your Side Singers fills this role beautifully.” – Don Krehbiel, Director of Music First Unitarian Church of Dallas

“When you sang for Bob, it was magical. I couldn’t have asked for anything more comforting.” – A family member “Who benefits? Of course our clients and their families…, but the benefit to us, the singers, has been the big, amazing surprise. We are blessed first and then we send out the blessing.” – Kate Munger, Founder Threshold Choirs,

“I see the mission of the By Your Side Singers as sacred ministry. At the most vulnerable times of life, our singers bring peace, joy and healing to congregants on levels we simply cannot begin to understand. I have deep appreciation and gratitude for their generosity of time, voice, heart and spirit.” – Jean Ann Powers, Director of Pastoral Care First Unitarian Church of Dallas