Emergency Triage Team

In the event of a family crisis or health emergency at night or on the weekends, members are asked to call our Emergency Number at 972-898-1949*. A team member will be the first to respond; they will answer your call and forward the information to the minister on call. A true crisis is a death, an unexpected hospital admission, an emotional breakdown which would require intervention or some incident of similar magnitude.

*This number is only to be called after, and never in place of, an immediate call to 911 in any time-critical emergency.

Meals Team

These volunteers bring food to congregants and families during times of need such as illness, a death in the family or recuperation from hospitalization. To set up a meal delivery, please contact the Pastoral Care Office at 214-884-1211.

Quill Team

These volunteers care for their fellow congregants by sending caring, handwritten notes in time of crisis, grieving, celebration and joy. The cards are designed by the children of the church. If the Pastoral Care Team of First Church knows of your situation, or your name appears in the Caring Community section of our Sunday Bulletin, you will receive a card from our Quill Team.

Visitation Team

These trained volunteers provide individual, short-term emotional support to church members who have suffered a loss, are ill or hospitalized, or are experiencing some other difficulty in their lives. They deliver Welcome Baskets to the newest members of our congregation – newborn and adopted children. These team members provide care, presence and comfort. With sufficient notice, some may be able to provide occasional transportation to medical appointments for members who are able to walk unassisted or who use a walker. If you’d like a Visitation Team Volunteer, please contact the Pastoral Care Office at 214-884-1211.

‘Carepooling’ Team

Our Carepooling program matches congregants who cannot drive themselves, or need transpotation, with othr congregants who can drive them to church. Please contact the Pastoral Care Office at 214-884-1211 for more information.