Feb 2018 Minister’s Message

The sign on my neighbor’s lawn says this:

                Love is Love

                Black Lives Matter

                Women’s rights are Human rights

                Kindness is everything

                Science is real

                No Human is Illegal

I like this neighbor and I am pretty sure she is a Unitarian Universalist and member of our church. You may see similar signs around where you live. They blossomed on lawns around the country a year ago like hydrangea as a manifestation of values in the face of political change.  And I think they express a lot of what we as Unitarian Universalists stand for. I think this so strongly that we are going to use the six weeks in Lent (a time of reflection and spiritual inventory taking) to unpack in worship each week the sign’s statements.

What does “love is love” really mean to you? What would life be like if “kindness is everything,” and is it actually true? How do we really understand human legality and rights as spiritual resources? These are the questions that come from the statements above that we will dive into each Sunday from Feb. 18th until Easter. Each week we will post a reflection question for you to write about and ponder your self-inventory with regards to the idea of the week.

I believe strongly that we must live into statements of conscience and consider as people of faith what is important to us.  So when I see that sign I don’t just drive by, I take it seriously that such values can be expressed on the streets of my neighborhood in times like we are living in. I hope you join us as we explore together!

In faith,