Jan 2017 First Sunday – Jericho Road

First Sunday Collection to Benefit Jericho Road Dallas

Many nonprofits lack critical resources to be able to accomplish their mission. Jericho Road Dallas fills their needs by providing qualified, committed and highly skilled volunteers who can develop functioning financial systems, high quality websites, well thought out strategic plans, and much more.

This year Jericho Road Dallas has worked on more than 30 projects, providing hundreds of pro-bono hours of professional expertise to several nonprofits in our community. When volunteers and nonprofits connect this way, they share the work and build better communities . . . together.

As Mary Boyd, Illuminate STEM board member stated, “there are so many nonprofits in need of subject matter experts to drive various projects.  Sometimes projects have to be placed on hold because nonprofits just don’t have the bandwidth or expertise on their team to perform the task. JRD provides a great service to the DFW area.”

We often wonder how we can make a real difference in our own backyard; the answer is easy. On January 8th, Jericho Road Dallas will be the recipient of the First Sunday collection. When you support

Jericho Road’s work, you invest in your community and in the long-term viability of so many great nonprofit organizations working in areas that you hold close to your heart.

Please give generously!