Food Bank Sign-up & Schedules

Check the dates and links carefully as you sign up.  Please read all the information below and bookmark this page for future date sign-ups.

Thanks, Susan Thrower

Join the fight against hunger!

Your hearts and hands help us feed our neighbors in need.  Group Captains – please  forward this email to all of your attendees.

Your reservation has been made at the North Texas Food Bank.

1:00-3:30 p.m.

Each volunteer will need to follow the instructions below prior to arriving.

Step 1.) Ensure you have the correct join codeStep 2.) Sign up for the shift(s)
If you already registered, log on,

click My Account, and then Enter Join Code.

Click the Sign Up button and review the confirmation for each shift you will attend.
If you need to register, click this


Click this LINK FOR 7/22/2017 SORTING PM.

Click this LINK FOR 8/2/2017 SORTING PM.

Click this LINK FOR 8/19/2017 SORTING PM.

Click this LINK FOR 9/6/2017 SORTING PM.

Click this LINK FOR 9/23/2017 SORTING PM.

Click this LINK FOR 10/21/2017 SORTING PM.



In order to have access to your reservation, you need to enter the correct join code first then you can sign up for the shift.  If you have questions, contact the Volunteer Experience team at 214-270-2055.

Don’t forget!  

If you are unable to register and sign up prior to the event, you will be asked to do so when you arrive for your shift.  Any unclaimed spots will be released from your group’s reservation 3 days prior to your shift.  Register and get scheduled early so our staff can properly plan for your volunteer experience. 

We’ll see you at the North Texas Food Bank – where every meal makes a difference.