Future Humans

Future Humans:
Inside the Science of Our Continuing Evolution

By Scott Solomon

Sundays 10:00 am in Room 305

In this intriguing book, evolutionary biologist Scott Solomon draws on the explosion of discoveries in recent years to examine the future evolution of our species. Combining knowledge of our past with current trends, Solomon offers convincing evidence that evolutionary forces still affect us today. But how will modernization — including longer lifespans, changing diets, global travel, and widespread use of medicine and contraceptives—affect our evolutionary future?

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Our Reading TimelineDatePage
 IntroductionApr 21
Chapter 1Genomes and GermsApr 913
Chapter 2Big DataApr 1635
Chapter 2Big DataApr 23 
Chapter 3World in TransitionApr 3073
Chapter 4SexMay 795
Chapter 5Small PartnersMay 14125
Chapter 6Beyond the HorizonMay 21153
 EpilogueMay 21179