IT Volunteers Needed at NDSM!

IT Volunteers Needed at NDSM!

We Need IT Volunteers!

NDSM has an opportunity to modernize our most critical software – our Client Database Consultants from Deloitte have volunteered to lead this vital project. But we need IT volunteers to handle much of the work.

If you have any of the following skills, please help us with this important initiative:

** SQL Server Developer - need 3 - 5 people - total of 110 hours

** User Interface Developer - need 2 - 3 people - total of 100 hours

** Report Developer - need 1 - 2 people - total of 20 hours

** SQL Server Database Analyst - need 1 - 2 people - total of 20 hours

Volunteers will be working under the direction of Deloitte and some work may be done from home. The project is scheduled to begin immediately.

We are blessed that Deloitte elected to work with us to complete this much-needed update to our database. However, we need the assistance of IT volunteers to make this happen! Please consider joining the team.
To find out more, please contact – Ruth Ann Janson.

* * We also have an ongoing need for Network Administrator skills* *

Thank you in advance for your interest and continued support of North Dallas Shared Ministries.


Judy Rorrie
Executve Director