Jul 2017 First Sunday Recipient

Slappy and Monday’s Foundation for Laughter    

The mission of Slappy & Monday’s Foundation for Laughter (FFL) is bringing healing laughter to children in hospitals and camps for children with medical needs.  They created the therapeutic clown program at Children’s Medical Center and trained the clowns there to bring emotional healing--the other side of medicine--to children and their families.  Clown Monday says he hears a parent say every day, “This is the first time my child has smiled since we’ve been here, and we’ve been here 3 weeks!”

The clowns believe that smiling and laughing give children proof that they are alive and have the power to participate in their healing.  The clowns work at the request of doctors, nurses and chaplains.  Their work reflects our church’s covenant of growing all souls in harmony with the divine, and serving humanity in prayer and joyful fellowship.

Many First Church members know the Foundation for Laughter’s clowns, as hospital professionals or patients, and as volunteers and counselors at Camp John Marc, our Texas camp for children with medical needs.  Ray and I met them through hospital and camp.  Please join us in supporting this fun, funny (and serious) endeavor.

The Foundation for Laughter will use our First Sunday collection to help fund a week at camp or to contribute to the launch of a new local hospital therapeutic clowning program.

For more info:  Tiffany@FoundationforLaughter.org