Jul 2017 Minister’s Message

When I first started attending a Unitarian Universalist church, I was a college student in Sherman, TX. I was 19 years old, I had thrown out the idea of being religious years before, and I was as surprised as anyone else that I ended up visiting the small UU congregation across the street from my college. The college student who entered those doors that day would’ve been shocked that I’m a minister here now.

When I arrived, I had a lot of questions. A LOT! First off, I didn’t know if I fit in a religious setting, no matter how progressive or open it was. I had a hard time understanding how this place could be so open theologically and still take strong stands on matters of justice and value. I loved the rich history of Unitarian Universalism (and still do!), but I wondered why I had never heard of it or how no one else seemed to know how the history of the United States was so intertwined with this incredibly progressive, and at times radical, tradition. And my biggest question then – “Why has no one told me about this before now?!” My guess is that, unless you grew up UU, many of you had some of the same questions I did when you showed up. Maybe you’re new to us and asking those questions now.

This summer, we made a point to engage the questions that you send us in worship, because we thought it was important to address the curiosities you have, the tensions you hold, and the places where you are hoping to grow. We won’t get to every question, because you had a lot of them, too! We started our series in mid June, and we’ll continue through the summer, on issues ranging from what prayer means here, to what our relationship with the Christian tradition is, to how we navigate human suffering.

We know that a lot of folks visit churches for the first time in the summer. There are likely to be a bunch of people in the pews who are asking the kinds of questions I was on those first visits. I hope you’ll be a part of this summer with us – to greet new people, connect with friends here, and engage the questions of how we live the best life we can together.

In faith,