Our Kids Make Quill Cards!

Do you know about our volunteer opportunity – FOR YOUR KIDS!?!  The  “Quill Card Creators”  is a pastoral care team that  creates art for the cards written and sent to congregants who are experiencing one of life’s ups or downs: a birth, death, celebration, loss, illness, a healing.  Each card is made with the original artwork of the youth (3 -16 yrs) of the church.

Here’s where YOUR CHILD can make a difference! There will be one meeting in July and one August 13th at 11:00 in Room 210. Starting September 10th, the team will begin meeting on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month. When you check your child in for class on Sundays, you will be able to sign them in for the QCCs team as well. If they attend the 10:00 session of RE, they will be guided to Room 210 afterwards so you can have a cup of coffee after service and then pick them up at 11:30. If your child attends the 11:30 session of RE, you can check them in for QCC at 11, go have a cup of coffee and at 11:30 we will meet you in the Narthex with your kids

As before, this creative and electronic-free fun activity can be done in your own home too!  

Email our Pastoral Care director at japowers@dallasuu.org  and we will add your creator to the team!