Faith Forward is a guided path for visitors, members, and leaders at First Unitarian Church of Dallas. Whether you’ve been here for 50 minutes or 50 years, these sessions are for YOU.

Faith Forward helps you build relationships, learn about the church, feel a sense of belonging, find ways to serve, deepen your spiritual life, and boldly live your faith!

It begins with an 8-session series covering different aspects of this church and Unitarian Universalism (the sessions repeat every 8 weeks), and builds from there.

The CORE Path includes:

  • Inquirers Series
  • Roots
  • Beyond Inquirers
  • Spiritual Practice
  • UU History
  • UU Elevator Speech

The ADVANCED Path (currently in development) includes:

  • UU Theology
  • Coming of Age for Adults – coming in fall of 2017!
  • Biblical Literacy for Unitarian Universalists (in development)
  • Deepening Spiritual Practice (in development)
  • Advanced UU History (in development)

Click HERE for a “map” of the Faith Forward CORE Path.

Check out the upcoming adult classes to see when these sessions are offered next.

Faith Forward sessions are open to everyone, whether you’ve been to the previous ones or not. Join us in learning and growing together as part of this church community!