Young Religious Unitarian Universalists: YRUU Youth Group

Grades 10-12; includes 9th graders post Coming of Age

11:15am-12:45pm on Sunday mornings in room #212

The six pillars of YRUU:

1. Worship
2. Strong youth-adult relationships
3. Community and Fellowship
4. Social Action and Community Service
5. Intellectual Growth
6. Leadership

Youth help determine class topics & plan social events throughout the year. Caring and dedicated adult advisors assist the youth as they explore what it means to be UU.

YRUU participates in community service projects, lock-ins & fundraisers. Each Spring, they present the Youth Sunday worship service.

Youth also broaden their understanding of leadership in the areas of social justice & community service during their annual Service Trip in June.


staff contact:

LillianDrab-BraddickLillian Drab-Braddick
Director of Adult Ministries
First Unitarian Church of Dallas
214-884-1222 or