Each week in worship we say that ‘Love is the doctrine of our church,’ and by that we mean that our church exists to help people build a more loving and just world—right here, right now.
This year in our worship life, we are asking what tools we need to put Love First as a value in our city, in our day to day lives, and in our religion. If we only get this one life, this one world, what helps us put Love First?

September 11 – Right Here and Now –– ours is a tradition about how to live well in this life. Our focus is primarily this world.

October 2 – No Hell! –– how does the notion that all are saved, that all share a common destiny and are equally children of God shape who we are?

November 6 – Building Hope in Difficult Times/Ultimate Optimism –– in a tradition that doesn’t make explicit promises about an afterlife, we have to articulate reasons for hope in difficult times.

January 15 – Justice  –– our faith calls us to engage in public action for the wellbeing of all.

February 5 – Embodied faith –– our faith has done well addressing what it means to live faithfully in our bodies.

February 26 – Freedom From Idolatry of the Spirit/Taking Ourselves Too Seriously –– Our call for profound theological humility asks us not to take ourselves too seriously, not to grasp to fixed creeds or make idols of our churches, opinions, etc

March 5 – Original Blessing –– UUism claims that humans are born good. We are at home on this earth, not meant for another world.

April 23 – Creation Care –– our faith calls us to care well for the one earth that holds all people.

May 7 – Right Relationship –– we are saved by covenantal relationships of trust, mutuality, and respect. We are saved from loneliness be intentional and responsible engagement and love.