Nominating Committee Input Needed!


What is the Nominating Committee?

The Nominating Committee is elected by the Congregation to create a slate of Candidates for the 2018 Board of Trustees and the Endowment and Memorial Gift Fund (EMGF

Our Intention 

We are looking for thoughtful, reflective Members of the Congregation who think strategically. We are seeking leaders from diverse age groups and ethnic backgrounds.

What is a Trustee?

First Unitarian Church of Dallas is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by the Congregation. One priority of First Unitarian Church is to maintain continuity in church governance.

Our Board actively supports the work of the church, providing time, strategic thinking, financial leadership and governance. Board Members with specific areas of expertise, particularly in business, will provide invaluable assistance to First Church.

What are we looking for?

The Board of Trustees consists of 12 Members. We are seeking church members who have vision, leadership experience and a commitment to the growth of our congregation.

Questions? Suggestions for nominations? Come talk to us! Thank you,

Susan Hamilton, Angie Sifferman, Hugo Lopes, Tracy McShan, Sherri Cook