Nov 2017 Minister’s Message

As I write this message to you, it’s cold and rainy outside and the leaves are beginning to turn colors and fall. Autumn is here, at last! As a native Northeasterner, I’m very grateful for its arrival. Many people I know have a November spiritual practice of noting each day on social media what they are grateful for. I, myself, can’t keep up with a daily online practice like this, but I do take time to stop and reflect on my life’s many blessings.

As a church, we have so much for which we can grateful. We are a vibrant, inclusive community that is going strong and living our Unitarian Universalist faith every day. Here are just some of the reasons I am grateful for this church in my life:

  • Two years ago this month you ordained me to the Unitarian Universalist ministry, and you have welcomed me as one of your ministers with open arms. I can’t believe how lucky I am!
  • This is a community where I am proud and grateful to raise my children, and where I will dedicate them this December. I’m grateful for the ways in which this church cultivates kindness, curiosity, and compassion among our young people.
  • This is a congregation of people who show up and care for one another in good times and bad. I’ve experienced your care personally this year through the meals delivered to me after the birth of my twins. As one of your ministers, I’m also honored to be part of this network of care as I’ve visited you in your homes and hospital rooms, and memorialized those who have died. I hear again and again how important the care of this congregation has been for you.
  • You are a generous congregation. I’m reminded of this every year around canvass, when we receive your pledges of support for the following year. But there are so many other times throughout the year when I see this generosity lived and shared as well!
  • You are a congregation who works to build the beloved community within our walls and beyond. At this time in our nation when the rights of so many are in jeopardy, we have showed up and spoken out and been by our neighbors’ side. 
  • You are a congregation that loves getting together! We had our biggest-ever church gathering in February to celebrate the launch of our Love First Capital Campaign. You gather in large numbers for worship, and stick around afterwards to eat brunch, participate in classes, and meet new friends on the playground.

If you don’t have a place to gather for food and fellowship on Thanksgiving Day, I hope you’ll join us here at church. Click HERE to sign up ahead of time, so we’re sure to have enough turkey!