ForAllThatIsOurLifeMission (Global Ends)

The First Unitarian Church of Dallas creates and nurtures an enduring, liberal, religious community where all souls shall grow in harmony with the divine through worship, education, service and fellowship.

Spiritual Development

The spiritual lives of our members, friends and visitors grow and deepen as we
▪ embrace Unitarian Universalist principles
▪ support a free and responsible search for truth and meaning
▪ encourage the development of personal and communal spiritual practices
▪ inspire religious dialogue
▪ experience and explore the sacred in our lives and the mystery of existence

Worship and Celebration

The lives of our members, friends and visitors are spiritually deepened through active engagement in worship and celebration as we
▪ participate in a liturgy that guides us in communal response to the sacred and honors our Unitarian Universalist traditions
▪ offer relevant, thought-provoking experiences and sermons that inspire us to be better people and to reflect on our lives and our connections with the community
▪ embrace a wide range of creative, artistic and musical experiences woven throughout our church life that move, uplift, and sustain us
▪ come together to honor important events of our lives and of our church

Caring and Inclusive Community
Members, friends and visitors feel welcomed, cherished, and supported throughout our lives as we
▪ affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person in an open, inclusive, safe and accessible environment
▪ care for and support one another in times of celebration and need
▪ experience a sense of belonging and meaningful relationships with each other and the church
▪ value, foster, and commit to diversity in all forms

Lifespan Religious Education
Our congregation and our broader community are enriched and transformed by religious education programs as we
▪ understand and embrace Unitarian Universalist values, identity, and practices
▪ encompass the principles and histories of Unitarian Universalism, liberal religious traditions, world religions and the history of First Unitarian Church of Dallas
▪ deepen the spiritual lives of adults, youth and children by engaging them in open-minded dialogue that nurtures and inspires
▪ foster religious inquiry, social analysis and public conversation with the larger community

Public Presence 

Our congregation clearly communicates our values as we
▪ embody the message of love and inclusion
▪ provide a welcoming place for meaningful events that serve a wide audience and inspire community dialogue
▪ advocate in the public arena to promote a healthy and whole global community
▪ partner with congregations and institutions in support of shared values

Community Involvement 

Our lives and the lives of those we engage with are transformed and our world is improved as we inspire and enable our members and others to
▪ act on our principles by advocating and working for justice, equality, peace and freedom
▪ create opportunities and take meaningful and visible actions for community service and advocacy

Stewardship and Sustainability

The church is sustained over time by responsible stewardship as we
▪ build a connection between spiritual practice and generosity
▪ express gratitude and commitment by sharing our gifts
▪ nurture and develop volunteers and enrich lives through their activities with our church community
▪ value our resources and use them in service of our highest values and aspirations
▪ operate with transparency and accountability