We all benefit and are made more whole by each person who choses to make this community theirs. 

This page is for stories and photos of people in our congregation and how they found Unitarian Universalism, or what the church means to them.

Suzy Baker Thorby

After 4 years in rural Minnesota without a church home, I cannot express how thrilled I am to be back at First Unitarian. I look forward to Sunday mornings and being part of something so special!

Kyle Harris

If you think love is stronger than gravity, and “standard practices” are not speaking to you, you should put yourself in a seat a few Sundays at First Unitarian and get involved. A focus on community, outreach, social justice, equality for all, peace, and the search for an enlightened existence are what it offers.

Jennifer Rutherford

After coming to this church for about a month or so, I feel like I am home here! The church congregation is so friendly. …the messages make you think, and are uplifting. My fiance and I can’t wait to grow as a couple in this church together and as separate people. I can’t wait to come back every Sunday!

Courtney Eason

I visited for a few months over 2 years ago. Life got in the way and I stopped coming even though I knew I wanted to become a member.