Y Parking Open Sunday!

We are able to park in the YMCA’s underground lot on Sunday! 

  • There are 302 parking spaces and 6 handicap spaces (these are located next to the elevator)
  • Enter the parking garage off Normandy – enter on the right hand side
  • We can park anywhere in the garage – the elevators are located in the southwest corner of the garage (do not use the elevator at the center of the garage as you will not be able to get off – it takes you to the Rise School)
  • When entering the elevator press 1R to go to Church  – this will exit you on the street side of the Y facing the church (the elevator is not currently programmed correctly so both doors will open – the Y is staffing the desk until that is corrected to keep people out of the Y)
  • The gates for the garage are not currently working so will stay open for the next several weeks. Once they are operational we will be given a key to open them on Sunday morning.
  • When returning to your car on entering the elevator press G for ground floor

We will have parking signs out Sunday directing people to park at the Y.