Sacred Sound

October 8, 15 and 22

at 11:30am in Room 302

Immerse yourself in the soothing tones of the crystal singing bowls and the rich vibrations of “Bodhi” – the gong, for an experiential introduction to Sacred Sound.

Sacred Sound: A Practice in Mindfulness will be offered for the first time this October. In this course, we’ll explore and experience the benefits of Sacred Sound as part of our personal mindfulness practice. Sessions are 20% informational, 80% experiential. Come experience the deeply soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls and the Chiron Gong. Add a new dimension to your spiritual practice and experience sound in a new way. Everyone’s welcome! Facilitated by Regina Johnson.

I –    Intro – Sacred Sound & Mindfulness / exploring the Science

II-    Intentionality / Biology of Belief / Cymatics
III –  Listening / Energetic Significance of a Personal Practice

A one hour offering exploring concepts and tenets of Sacred Sound.  20 minutes to topic, 40 minutes contemplative meditation / sacred sound immersion.  Experience for yourself the deeply soothing sounds that help to refresh and restore the body-mind system.

Suggested: bring comfortable floor padding (yoga mats) and coverings to lay on the floor if you choose.  Seating also provided.

About Your Facilitator:

Regina (Genie) Johnson, a member here at First Church, is a Mindfulness Facilitator specializing in Sacred Sound and interfaith affirmative prayer.   For over 8 years, she’s been playing Sacred Sound Instruments and leading group meditations.  She builds upon training as a certified Sound Healer, Licensing as a Prayer Practitioner, and an Associate in Arts with emphasis on the Humanities, Physics of Sound and Music, and Biology to bring you this unique form of communion through Sacred Sound. All contribute to her ability to connect with individuals on a deep level, beyond the science, through to the heart of the experience.