There are abundant opportunities in any vibrant community to extend welcome. It is in doing this well that the best hope for the long term health of our community begins to take shape.

WELCOME CENTER – These volunteers staff the “visitor’s table” one Sunday a month in Channing Hall, either 9:00 – 11:00am, or 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. The volunteers greet and assist visitors at the Welcome Center.

Contact: Sharon Thompson, Dir. of Membership & Hospitality at 214-884-1230, or

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – Welcomes/greets/assists visitors, guides prospective members through the membership process and integrates existing members (new and current) into the community of the church.


VISITOR RESPONSE TEAM – Join a team of volunteers who reach out to new and repeat visitors each week through emails and phone calls. We reach out to visitors welcoming them and inviting them to contact us if they have any questions. This team requires about 1-2 hours of work monthly and can be done at home.

Contact: Sharon Thompson, Dir. of Membership & Hospitality at 214-884-1230, or

USHERING & GREETING – Ushers and Greeters welcome members and visitors to church each week and help provide a pleasant worship experience. Serving on this team is a wonderful way to meet people! The commitment includes assisting with just one service a month, and we will train you on everything you need to know.