Update & Thank You From Jericho Road

Dear Friends,

Several years ago, as a part of First Church’s strategic plan, a small group began an exploration to meet a community need – to strengthen nonprofits by matching volunteers to deliver pro bono consulting in critical areas.  A 501c3 was formed and Jericho Road Dallas was launched in 2014.  Since then we have seen much success, assisting more than 60 nonprofits with 86 consulting projects and workshops, increasing their impact and improving the lives in our community.

But the landscape for skills based consulting has changed significantly.  Nonprofits now have many consulting options available to them - excellent internet based organizations as well as companies and professional organizations – all helping, pro bono, area nonprofits to strengthen and grow. And individual donors and foundations like our mission, but are increasingly giving their financial support directly to nonprofits rather than organizations like ours which assist nonprofits.

Given these significant changes, and after a thorough assessment, Jericho Road Dallas has made the decision to cease operations.  We are sad on a personal level.  But we recognize the realities of these changes and that we are not financially sustainable.

We are grateful for the support given us by many of you as volunteers, as donors, or in many other ways.  We are grateful for the office space that First Church has given to Jericho Road pro bono, since our launch.  And we thank you for the two First Sunday collections we have received, the most recent in January of this year.

With this in mind, our Board of Directors has voted to make a donation to First Church equal to the January, 2017 First Sunday collection.  And we have also voted to donate any remaining assets we have to First Church.  We know that a plan for community outreach is in development as part of the capital campaign, and we support directing these funds to those efforts.

Our goal was to bring change and impact to nonprofits in the greater Dallas area – and we have.  We are very proud of the successes we’ve had building connections and delivering marketing, communications, technology and other critical consulting to so many of our nonprofits.  We know that those who have been involved in this endeavor will continue to be involved in our community and we look forward to connecting with you as we each work to make a difference.  We thank you for your support and dedication to building a stronger, more compassionate and just North Texas.

Fran Eichorst - President, Board of Directors
Francesca Rolando - Executive Director


“The time is always right to do what is right.”    - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.