UU History – Fall 2017

Sundays at 10:00am in Room 301

September 10 – October 22

UU History 101 is a NEW 7-session introduction to concepts and people from our history. In this series, we approach history from the starting point of compelling stories and personalities. We will explore the questions those people faced, and make connections with our own lives and the world around us today. The overarching question is: how can history be translated into our religious life and practice? In addition to learning about history, we hope you will learn about yourselves.


Sessions include:

A Question of Conscience

A Question of Love

A Question of Experience

A Question of Resilience & Courage

A Question of Identity

A Question of Calling

History of First Church


This class is part of our Adult Faith Development Core Path and follows Spiritual Practice 101. This session will be facilitated by Mike Stanton and other lay leaders.


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