Humility and Humor

Unitarian Universalism calls us to profound theological humility, rather than making idols of our churches, our opinions, or ourselves. We will explore a Lenten practice of cultivating such humility. ••• MUSIC: music provided by First U Jazz Comb

Is Life Good?

We parted ways with the idea of “original sin” a long time ago in this church. What would an original blessing mean? ••• MUSIC: Kindred Voices will provide music.

The Silence of God

Our Unitarian Universalist faith says that “revelation is not sealed,” and that we continue to learn new things and discern new meaning through the experiences of our lives. But what do we do when it seems like God is silent? ••• MUSIC: The Sanctuary Choir will provide music.

Faith and Doubt

—some say faith is the absence of doubt, I say otherwise. ••• MUSIC: Violist Barbara Sudweeks will provide music.